I've worked on a number of quite diverse software projects over the years, below I've detailed some of the projects and what I was involved with on the project.

Java Decaf

Java Decaf was a team collaboration at the University of Canterbury to build a language pre-compiler for a simplified Java syntax. This syntax allowed the omission of boiler plate code when not required while maintaining the full scope of the Java language. This provides an excellent learning environment for those new to OO and Java.

The esteemed team I was part of for this project consisted of Wei, Michal, Thomas, Nick, and myself.

If you would like to try it out, the jar file can be downloaded below.



CoderChrome was my Honours level project at the University of Canterbury, it provided code augmentations to the Eclipse IDE based on incoming code metrics. Augmenting code using symbols, colours, and styling allows the developer an insight into the quality of the code they are writing and provides the ability enhance code quality throughout the development process.

A design study of the project provides insight into its scope and operation. Additionally, versions of the Eclipse plugin are provided in the design study.

Smart Kitchen

Smart Kitchen is an experimental software platform for improving cooking proficiency, tailoring meals to dietary requirements, and making complex meals easier to plan and cook. Additionally, it provides a revolution in creating recipes the have complimentary ingredients. This software is still in development and has not been released.

Telogis Fleet

I spent nearly three years at Telogis working on the Telogis Fleet product and other related software. Telogis produces a world class suite of vehicle infomatics software for tracking, dispatching, and managing large fleets of ground vehicles.

Amongst others, I helped develop the following areas of the codebase:

Forged Software

I'm the developer for a series of open source libraries being developed by Forged Software. The current libraries provide JavaScript and C# functionality for manipulating and converting physical quantities like time, distance, mass, and much much more.

Trade Me Jobs

I've recently started at Trade Me working on the Jobs section of the website. I haven't been their long, but so far the work is interesting and the team is dedicated to improving process and are a great bunch of people to work with.